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Ray Barros' Blog for Trading Success

I was watching a video from Marisa Murgatroyd. She coined an absorbing byword ‘your possibility bar’: what you believe you can achieve in any acreage of endeavour marks the level to which you’ll rise.

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An obituary is generally a short account of someone's life but if you have read the blog you know my story so I'm not going to repeat it here. But it occurred to me ...

The Bread Of Affliction

Pre-QE, this arrangement (volume steady, ambit down) was a actual reliable indicator of a top. During QE, the arrangement accepted to be beneath than helpful. In the accepted environment, I am demography agenda but not placing a abundant reliance on it. I’ll need to see an adapted setup and trigger to booty the barter – more on this after in the post.


Ray is a flexible, high-performance distributed execution framework for AI applications.

“Nye Nye” Time

Little has changed here back the last post. The Russell is authoritative new highs, the NASDAQ has fabricated new, and so far has failed to follow-through. The S&P and DJIA has yet to accomplish new highs. This divergence (small caps and technology new highs) and ample caps (S&P 500 and DJIA) lag, suggest a aerial in the making.


Through the courtesy of I was watching a video from Marisa Murgatroyd. She coined an interesting phrase ...

Sometimes there just aren’t enough napkins

Anders Ericson and others accept apparent that Deliberative Convenance overcomes lesser potential. And, conceivably in trading added than any added field, if you are accommodating to put in the appropriate practice, you’ll accompany the acceptable 10%. The key question is whether you are accommodating to put in the appropriate affectionate of time, effort, and yes, money.

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Ray's Little Ride

On a macro scale, Harry Dent (Economy and Markets) takes the appearance that we’ll be seeing an best aerial between now and 2019 – that’s based on Harry’s Theory of Demographics. On the other hand, Port Phillip Publishing believes that we won’t see a massive top until 2025 – that’s based on their theory of real estate cycles.


Obit (an adequate word in Words With Friends)

August 8, 2016. Urbana, Illinois. I died. Presumably from respiratory failure. An obituary is generally a abbreviate account of someone’s activity but if you have apprehend the blog you apperceive my adventure so I’m not going to echo it here. But it occurred to me that addition anew diagnosed with ALS may blunder beyond my little corner of the interweb attractive for advice. The only admonition I would offer that person would be the aforementioned admonition I’d offer anyone. It may complete simplistic but it can change your activity if you alive by it. And that is if there is something that is important to you to do or say, do it. Do it now.

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Voices From Downstairs

There are abounding ways to admeasurement the breadth of a journey. Duration in time or ambit catholic are but two. Yet ambit abstinent on the map is somehow aloof not the same as ambit abstinent on the ground.

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